Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Iwe neni tine basa

Pasi Neva dzanyirir. Pamberi ne Zanu. Pamberi ne MDC. Zanu, iwe neni tine basa, Rekuchinja maitiro.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Save Zimbabwe coalition urge Europe to work with African institutions on Zimbabwe By Violet Gonda 22 June 2007

A delegation of political, civic and church leaders is winding up a tour of Europe as part of an initiative to engage the international community on the situation in Zimbabwe. The group, working under the Save Zimbabwe Campaign banner, includes MDC leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Professor Arthur Mutambara, ZAPU leader Paul Siwela, National Constitutional Assembly Chairman Dr. Lovemore Madhuku and leader of the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance Bishop Levee Kadenge.
Dr Madhuku said the group held joint meetings with European leaders to also demonstrate that they are a united group of people who are fighting for democratic reforms and lobbying international opinion in relation to elections due to be held next year.
However the Mugabe regime has accused the group of acting in bad faith and "launching an anti-Zimbabwe campaign in Europe,” but Madhuku dismissed this saying this is a pro-Zimbabwean campaign not just in Europe but worldwide. The leaders are expected to return to Zimbabwe this weekend where plans would be made to tour parts of Africa and North America.
Dr Madhuku said: “Each part of the world has a specific role to play. Africa has its role, which is more or less to take a prominent role in advocating for reforms in Zimbabwe. Europe has its own role – it will have to play an important role in mobilizing resources for reconstruction when change takes place in Zimbabwe. So we are not fools who are just moving around.”
The civic leader said it was important to inform people, as each part of the world has its own misunderstandings about the crisis in Zimbabwe. He said some leaders in Europe did not know the full extent of the flawed electoral process and did not understand why the opposition was threatening to boycott the elections. While in parts of Africa, Robert Mugabe had hoodwinked some people into believing that the fight was against former colonial power Britain.
The group said they stressed to the European leaders that they should help push for reform via African institutions like the Southern African Development Community (SADC). “So what we are telling Europe is, it must play its role via institutions that have been created in Africa to resolve African problems.”
On the issue of the ongoing talks between the political parties Madhuku said civic society is still not happy because it is not being informed adequately on the progress. Madhuku pointed out: “What has happened so far is simply discussions about an agenda. It says nothing about whether these parties will agree. We still are very skeptical about the SADC initiative and we know for sure that that there is not a lot of seriousness by South Africa on these initiatives.”
He said even though he is moving around with the opposition leaders one of the issues which keep complicating the situation is the lack of openness on the issue of talks. “The opposition would want at given times, and when it becomes convenient to itself, to remain as an opposition political party and then at other times it wants to work as a pro-democracy movement. These are still complications.”
The outspoken civic leader said: “The fact that we are moving together and the fact that we share certain points does not mean we have completely resolved some of the problems that we have faced in the past. There is still that difficulty that the opposition is not open. Its not transparent in some of its initiatives and some of it is on how the opposition has been handling the whole mediation effort. We are very unhappy about this situation.”
Meanwhile, Morgan Tsvangirai is due to address supporters at a rally in Luton in the UK on Saturday afternoon. The event will be held at Lewsey Community Centre, Landrace Road, Luton LU4 0SW.

read tomorrow what happened at the rally

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Opposition Unification

The most Zanu like idea and non democratic idea there is. How do you call yourselves democratic yet embarking on a non democratic promotional campaign? Anyone who is calling themselves academic or politician seem to not understand what democracy stands for. What is this idea about removing choice? I know and understand what the current administration under Mugabe has not performed as well as expected and corruption and all that is destructive to the nation has taken place. We still should not be obsessed by Robert Mugabe. The focus on the president has taken energy and the ability to be innovative and creative (which was lacking already). It is not necessarily the inability for a president to run the country that takes a nation to what Zimbabwe is and going. It is the millions of Zimbabweans in the diaspora. Running from their responsibilities. As thinkers and innovators, businessman and civic organizations should have been creating an environment that is not conducive to corruption and perpetuation of incompetence.
A coalition is the road to a one party state. Mutambara and Tsvangirai should remain separate one or two more parties should join the field and citizens should be educated to vote their conscience and not what someone else think is the way to go. Mugabe can rule till he dies if Zimbabwean vote for him. And they should be allowed to vote for him if that is what they prefer. It is the members of paliament that matter. As long as the president does not have a majority and the constitution is followed and is for the people, one should not obsess on Mugabe. If there are crimes committed with a majority that is not Zanu then Justice should and will take its course.
It however appears to me that until the nation reeds itself of these Zanu like propensities we are destined to be like Kenya and the rest of the African States. Change from one dictator to another. As it is we all know that Tsvangirai and his predecessor from the other group are dictators in the making.
Businesses need to create jobs, legislators and civic organizations need to teach job skills and help start small businesses.
Civic organizations in Zimbabwe are little businesses that founders use to finance their businesses and feed their families rather than do what they have put themselves to be representing.
As much as mugabe is to blame for the state of the nation, it is time to get over him already and quit the obsession. We have a judicial system. It may not be were we want it to be but we have one. Gukura hundi for instance -- We can start prosecuting and filing civil suits and ask the international courts to start indicting the lowest ranking soldiers that we all know for a fact that they carried out the atrocities and follow the chain of command from there. A lot of these will not want to go down on their own so they will rat on the others and we follow the trail to Mugabe or at least someone higher up the chain. We can do this with everything - the media, city council, labor etc.

Lets do something that works and quit the finger pointing and obsessing on Mugabe. He may die in power and no one will know what to obsess on when he is gone. Leading to another state of paralysis.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Who is Best for Zimbabwe

I know a lot of you will call this crazy but What the Hell. Right now Zimbabwe does not a have aviable opposition party and everyone knows that. The question that most of us have is who is going to be the guy in charge if Zimbabwean had get arround to cultivating the guts needed to unsit the Honorable Gabriel Mugabe?
The likey thing to happen is that come 2008 Mugabe will still be alive and running the country with the possibility of carying on to 2010. We all know that Morgan is not capable nor is Mutambara currently. Both these men have shown the country so far that they are not prepared to die for the country nor to lead the country. This, shows the diference between men and boys leaders and wannabees. Mandela was prepared to die for his country, in worse off situations, so did Mugabe by the way and many other who became national leaders and revolutionaries.
So realy, the only one to lead or who can lead the pack is none other than Cde Jongwe.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Frankly Speaking

Frankly speaking, there is no one in Zimbabwe capable of leading the country to freedom or any kind of real opposition. It is known that as charismatic as Stvangirai maybe he is not presidential material. Offcorse again we all know that all African politicians, yes Zimbabweans on the top of that all, are in it for the money. Corrupt to the core and cant wait to be part of the corrupt Africans Association. It is going to be a focus on how much money each one can make and support their families and the extended family, yes living abroad and driving luxury vehicle and living large like they are CEOs of a fortune 100 American company.Frankly Speaking, Robert Mugabe has not messed up the Zimbabwean economy. It is the inability of the opposition to show the Country, business community and the international business community that they are capable of leading a country nor have they given anyone any confidence in their ability to put together policies that are effective and can safe guard the interest of the business community. Economy of a country relies on the same freedoms that humans crave. Businesses have to know that they have no fear of the government confiscating property and money, that they are free to do business and to support and express their opinions as they wish. All of the opposition have proven to be no different to Mugabe and the rest of his corrupt government.frankly speaking, what is it Tsvangirai or the other leaders are going to do for Zimbabweans? None has articulated this. To elect you into a position of such power is preposterous for citizens to do without a firm and detailed commitment. How may new business are going to be created by the new government, from where, how, how soon? How many new jobs? What are you going to do about agriculture and education and all the issues that are going unaddressed. You wonder why the ZRP and The ZNA are supporting Mugabe or not actively supporting the MDCs, they have to play it safe and so is the rest of the country. Some of the opposition leaders have lived abroad so is the rest of the Zimbabwe government officials' families. So why is it when it is time to build infrastructure or anything, they resort to stuff that was done 100 years ago? Give us some real solution other wise let Mugabe rule.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Winter of Discontent

It certainly is a winter of discontent. Yes for Zimbabweans. They are discontented with the Honorable Robert Gabrial Tsvangirai. Yes I said it. Tsvangirai is a clone of the dictator and is a zanu clone. It is midway through winter and for the love of power and money Morgan has decided or kept to his plan depending on how you look at it, negotiate with the zanu government. I guess he thinks mugabe will decide mujuru is not good enough and let Tsvangirai become the leader with no real fight. Mujuru's hubby would not let that happen.
It is clear all power hungry politicians ie; Mugabe, Tsvangi and the constitution guy, take advantage of the uninformed masses. Leadership is not by popularity. People vote for you because of what you do not what they tell you. Until African leaders, and Zimbabwean leaders start informing the masses and letting democracy take its real course, the nations will always be depleted of the brains and dictators will have the last laugh.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tendai Biti

This is one man who has childish politics and antics. Everything that comes out of his mouth with regards to the Welshman Ncube / Mutambara faction of the MDC is designed to be personal. Has he been after the position he is now before the congress? It certainly appears so. For a lawyer he seems to be reckless in his speech. Clearly a dangerous politician. My question would be, what happened that he is not a member of Zanu PF. I know he has done some work for and with the MDC. It certainly appears to be self serving work.
Mr, lawyer Biti needs to stop the politics of personal distraction and leave it to blogers. Focus on the work of the people. Mugabe has to go and democracy calls for multiparty, let the factions stay divided if the egos can't be put aside and deal with the dictator. Tendai Biti is a little Mugabe in the making.